Weight Loss

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What inner programs do you need to release for successful weight loss?


Does hearing the word “diet” make you wince? Past experiences related to weight loss can influence your present state. Certain beliefs, emotions, the residue of an experience, even a memory can interfere with your weight loss efforts. Life can be stressful sometimes too. And stress interferes with the body’s ability to lose weight.

How you feel can affect how you look, your behavior and whether you prioritize self-care. By increasing your instincts for self-acceptance, inner peace and healthy living, successful weight loss can occur more easily.

What do you need to release energetically so weight loss happens quickly and naturally?

Explore whether your excess weight is serving you in some unconscious way.

Do you have  self-sabotaging patterns, emotional eating or late night eating habits?

Learn from the deepest parts of yourself how to heal any distorted body image while building up self-esteem, activating inner radiance and increasing personal power.

Discover how meditation is a secret weight loss tool.

When you create an alliance with your physical body, what you desire for yourself can happen more easily. Feeling lighter and happier, you will never think of your body and weight in the same way again.



Late Night Eating  •  Overeating  •  Emotional Eating  •  Food as Comfort  •  Food Addiction  •  Food Cravings  •  Food as Love  •  Food and Stress  •  Food and Loneliness  •  Eating Your Unmet Needs  •  Food as Reward  •  Fear of Change  •  Eat to Escape Reality  •  Weight Gain as Communication  •  Distorted Body Image  •  Perfectionist:All or Nothing  •  Life Events and Weight Gain  •  Fat as Shame  •  Fat as Rebellion  •  Tired of Diet Failure  •  Weight and Family Belonging  •  Excess Weight as Armor  •  Fat as Avoidance  •  Society’s Ideals and Self-Hate  •  Your Birthright and Food Rituals  •  Self-Sabotage and Dieting  •  Fat Identity/Social Group  •  When Thin Feels Unsafe  •  Self-Abandonment  •  Swallowing Anger or Despair  •  Conflicting Messages  •  Pleasure and Deprivation  •  Undermining Spouse  •  Critical Parent  •  Refuse to Exercise  •  Sugar Addiction  •  Inner Critic  •  Bigger Feels Better  •  Self-Loathing and Weight  •  A Need to Hide Inside the Body  •  Yo-Yo Dieting  •  Past Trauma and Weight Gain  •  Past Life and Weight  •  Alcohol Interference  •  Weight is Stuck  •  Life of the Party and Food  •  Mid-Life Weight Gain  •  Weight Gain as Spite  •  Post Gastric Bypass Eating  •  Fear of Being Objectified  •  Fear of Being Too Attractive  •  Chronic Stress  •  Ideological Resistance  •  Refusal to Conform  •  Inflammation and Weight  •  Insomnia and Weight  • Yo-yo Dieting •   Those Stubborn 5 Pounds  • 

Aromatherapy and Weight Loss

dreamstime_m_55428926_360x284How can essential oils help you?

Inhaling certain essential oils can help increase feelings of relaxation, confidence and pleasure.

Managing addictive behaviors, curbing your appetite and reducing stress will be easier to manage by inhaling certain essential oil combinations.

Our olfactory system (sense of smell) is the only sense that has direct access into our brain’s limbic system. It is the part responsible for emotions, motivation and memory.

Scent  triggers olfactory and nerve receptors that directly affect your limbic system. This explains why smelling something can feel emotional and scent memories can last for years.

Take home an inhaler filled with a customized synergy of essential oils to assist you on your weight loss journey. The inhaler will be used during your hypnosis session to reinforce and anchor in your particular message. It gets activated every time you use your inhaler at home while the essential oils work their own magic.