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The First Time I Tried Past Life Regression

I always took past life regression stories with a grain of salt. I’d stop myself from rolling my eyes when I heard people say they discovered they were Cleopatra or someone important and famous. Yeah right. But somehow, I was still curious. I didn’t know if any of it was possible or real but I did wonder about it. Would I have had an exciting past life? Would anything come through at all? What would it feel like for me? I was tempted but also a little nervous.

When I came across a free audio recording for past life regression I thought, well, here is my chance. I wasn’t expecting much to happen but I certainly felt calm listening to the recording’s instructions to relax my body. Lying on the couch with my eyes closed, all I saw was the usual black screen you see when your eyes are shut. After a few minutes of this, much to my surprise, out of nowhere, the darkness shifted into what seemed like a dusty road. On this road I saw a woman from the knees down. I remember thinking while seeing her shoes in my mind’s eye, how is this possible? I have never seen shoes like those in my life. They were dated, used and dusty with a two inch heel, laced up spectator style in burgundy brown. My mind’s visual focus began to move upward and I noticed what the woman was wearing. It was a good quality thick wool suit with a flair skirt that had seen better days. Perhaps it was worn just too many times. Besides this visual scene, I was able to feel what she seemed to be feeling. It felt like stress or more like distress. She was holding documents in an envelope desperate to deliver them on time. It seemed connected to her family’s Jewishness and their desire to leave by ship. This trip wasn’t a vacation. They needed to get out of there. Or at least that was the feeling I got watching her. There seemed to be a lot at stake.

Years later, while studying to be a hypnotist and working on past life regression, I revisited that scene. It turns out she made it on to the ship but she and her family wound up drowning along with others. Was this really a past life or just an imaginary scene my mind conjured up? Were there any connections to this lifetime? Was it metaphor? Symbolic? What were the lessons, if any?

When I see clients for past life regression, the scenes are always different. Images show up and we analyze them afterwards. Did the images or story connect to issues, concerns or themes in their current life? Did they understand themselves in a new or different way? Sometimes it is just an interesting experience but there are times when feelings can shift or release afterwards.

How did this story relate to my life?

I do feel a strong sense of responsibility for my family even though it isn’t needed. Since childhood I was very interested in the Holocaust. In grade school for a school project, I interviewed a friend of my parents who was a concentration camp survivor. I still feel interested in all things related to the Shoah. It is part of my family history too. My dad’s family had experienced terrible antisemitism in Europe prior to World War II. My interest in antisemitism is far more visceral than for my siblings. Perhaps my family history and strong Jewish education or maybe some of that trauma was passed along into my genes.

There is one more thing. I do have respect and some fear of the ocean. It isn’t a phobia because I enjoy looking out onto the water and will go in. I just prefer to hold someone’s hand and don’t go out too far because I am aware of how easy it is to drown. Coincidentally, my first creative writing assignment in college  anthropomorphized the ocean. It would sort through different people on the beach deciding how and whom it would seduce into the water forever. Past life or not, this story is still interesting to me years later.