Anyone who is looking to make an effective & positive change in their lives should see Dalia. I have had incredible results in my life with regard to relationships and especially my career from working intimately with Dalia and her holistic and hypnotic methods. Thanks to our sessions, I have been able to get in touch with my innate strengths and qualities improving my life in many ways. The custom made audios that Dalia provided are amazing. Dalia is genuine and skilled. She offers effective tools for well-being of the mind, body and soul. My life is so much better with just a few of her sessions. I highly recommend Dalia’s services.


Dalia is a delight to work with. She allows you to be gently guided into areas of weakness without any anxiety. Her approach is soft and thoughtful. Dalia showed a wide range of capabilities as I worked through a wide range of non-tangible issues as well as very practical every day matters.
If you are into hypnosis then you are indeed fortunate – her voice is mellow, soft and silky and entrancing. I highly recommend Dalia.

David NYC

I finally found my way to successful weight loss. Using TNM and HHAN changed everything. All my efforts filter through the lens of self-love. My eating, exercising and thoughts. 35 pounds off and counting. I feel and look amazing. Thank you Dalia!!


I did not believe I could quit smoking. Thought is would be impossible. I have smoked for over 20 years. In just a few sessions, my desire to smoke is gone. AMAZING. I don’t smoke anymore and it feels great.


I am so happy I found Dalia. I can’t explain it. Our session was very deep and I feel fresh and recharged. I told my wife this is the most powerful session I have had in my life. Lots of good positive energy. She is like a powerful leader. It felt magical in terms of the changes I feel. She is becoming my Rebbi. I learned all about power and energy. Work improved, my life improved in so many ways. Headaches disappeared. I even lost weight. She is like a magic hero to me.


Dalia is very professional and her experience is obvious. From the start, she created a calm environment and put me at ease – very important for the hypnosis and imagery process. I had three sessions with Dalia and we successfully dealt with some issues that have been problematic for me for a long time. She is exceptional and I recommend her wholeheartedly. This was a great investment for me.

Paul NJ

I went to Dalia for one session and after experiencing the results, signed up for more. I saw Dalia during a difficult personal time and the hypnosis and other exercises she suggested helped me to significantly reduce my anxiety and feel more grounded, all of which led to better coping skills. Dalia is caring, dedicated and professional and I recommend her services!


I have taken three sessions with Dalia that included initial in-depth consultation and understanding of the matters we should address. Dalia was the most incredible listener, patient, and intelligent, as she listened to the things I said as well as those I didn’t.

I found her approach holistic and complete from understanding human nature, psychological behaviors, fears and motivation of the individual, and with the vast array of tools she is using in her practice, imagery work, hypnosis, TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique), aromatherapy and visualization, to name a few.

Her approach made me feel safe and the results I experienced showed immediately, as I was dealing with creativity block and anxiety, health and diet choices and overall well being. I strongly recommend using her services. It would be like nothing else you have experienced.

Kika S. , Jan. 2016

Dalia: it is rather remarkable that I have been off pain meds for a week and am finally doing better. I believe the worst of it is behind me!!! I was in a tunnel and you have helped bring me to the light…I have really been on a journey with this back pain (since mid-April), and I have been feeling so much better since seeing you. My medical doctor, my physiatrist (rehab doctor), injections, serious narcotics, and pain killers all failed me. As a doctor myself, I thought I would just have to live with back pain. Thank you for encouraging me to try hypnosis and imagery. With genuine appreciation.

K.D. (Oct.30)

I bought a 3 pk in the hopes of breaking my smoking habit. I was really surprised. I stopped smoking after just two sessions. The sessions were relaxing and the tools Dalia gave me really worked. I used the third session for something else entirely. I feel great and grateful.


Hypnosis with Dalia was a special experience. She is a skilled listener and created a safe & comfortable atmosphere as she helped me “shape” the goal of the hypnosis session. I enjoyed the “trance state” I entered, and after “coming out of it”, I felt a deep sense of contentment that remained with me for hours. Within two days, I found that I began to follow up on what had been discussed. Dalia exudes a positive energy and is a talented professional. Bottom line: The experience was very positive!


I never tried hypnosis before. I had sciatica and experienced lower back pain that was also shooting pain down my leg. After many months of suffering with many moments of excruciating pain, I was desperate for some relief. I had tried acupuncture without any luck, I thought, why not see if hypnosis could help me. I didn’t expect the experience to relax me as much as it did. It was like I entered a completely different world, forgetting all my worries and thoughts. (No small accomplishment.) During the session, there was a feeling of confidence I started feeling. Confidence that I was going to heal and feel better. After the session, the pain had lifted. There was less pain. I was eager for my next session because the pain was getting easier and I was excited about it. There was homework too. I started implementing some of the tools Dalia gave me at home. When any pain came, I began to use them. I am feeling better. I plan to return to focus on the arthritis in my elbows and knees. It was a very positive experience. It helped me. Thank you Dalia!


Dalia is an exceptional hypnotist and coach. I went to see her for anxiety issues – and she was able to patiently and calmly listen to my story. After gaining insight into my issues, she helped me get to a more peaceful state with guided imagery and hypnosis in just a few visits. Some months later, I can confidently say that her techniques left me with tools that I can use when I get anxious in my day-to-day life. I recommend Dalia highly, and must add that her calm nature and demeanor, along with her remarkable knowledge base add to her appeal. If you have certain anxieties, or simply want strategies to help you improve certain areas of your life, schedule an appointment with Dalia!


I went to Dalia without knowing much about hypnosis. I have been wanting to lose some weight over the years but I haven’t been able to get any results. My doctor just put me on pre-diabetes medication. He said if I lose some weight, he will likely be able to get me off of the medication and my health would benefit. My sessions felt very relaxing. Both during the sessions and afterwards. This was an extra bonus since my blood pressure is high although it is controlled with medication. Before the hypnosis part of the session, we discussed how much weight I wanted to lose and what behaviors I hoped to reinforce or change. All I know is that I started feeling more eager to do what it takes. Now it feels easy to eat the right foods, exercise and feel full. After all these years of failed attempts, I now have to tighten my belt because the extra weight is coming off. Getting results feels great. It was a game changer.


Hypnosis is an interesting concept but it was hard for me to imagine what it really would be like. Dalia put me right at ease, and directed the initial consultation so that we could isolate a few areas that I wanted to improve on. Hypnosis really is not what they make it out to be on TV. It was collaborative and I felt in control the entire time. I came away feeling refreshed and confident. Over the next few days I found that I was more effective in the areas where I wanted progress in. These were observable (to me) but subtle changes. Pretty surprising considering we only had one session. I realized I want more improvement. I also needed to work on some of the exercises Dalia showed me so that I can reinforce my new behaviors by myself going forward. I am scheduling a second and perhaps a third session with Dalia.


My husband and I have been trying to have a child for a while and when I heard about hypnosis with Dalia, I immediately signed up for a hypnosis session to help my chances to concieve. Dalia’s soft gentle voice made it very easy to go into a hypnotic state. Her understanding of my situation allowed her set up a program for me. She easily put me into a calm, confident, secure state of mind. Once in that state she gently directed my mind to focus on creating a healthy environment for the egg to develop, embryo to implant and the fetus to grow to full term. Since it is important to be calm when trying to conceive, I was very thrilled that Dalia was able to get me there in the first session. Instead of worried and fearful, I feel calm and optimistic. Thank you Dalia for all your help. G-d bless you.


Dalia is a pleasure to work with and is very emotionally connected. She gave me very simple guidelines to follow, that have resulted in relatively quick success! As a result of following her plan, I am always satiated and feel healthy and energized. I no longer crave junk food all the time and find myself making wise choices naturally. I’ve enjoyed a lot of her recipes ideas, including morning smoothies which get my day off to a great start! After a month and a half of working with Dalia, I’ve been able to continue to stick with her plan (minus a few cheats here or there, which have not set me back long term), and have lost close to 10 lbs. I thank Dalia for giving me such an easy, enjoyable, and healthy plan to follow that has resulted in success!


Before I started working with Dalia I was 50 pounds overweight and my doctor wanted me to get on cholesterol medication. My cholesterol was high at 216 and my triglycerides were at 302. What Dalia did was not put me on a traditional diet but guided me toward a more healthy lifestyle and a better relationship with food where I don’t feel deprived. She also gave me specific foods to eat every day that targeted my specific problems. I gradually changed my behavior over the last six months and now I feel great. I lost 30 pounds, my triglycerides went from 302 to 151. My total cholesterol went from 216 to 191. My doctor is amazed!


I came to Dalia to help me organize my diet and educate me on what I might be missing. Although I’m already quite fit I was looking for a plan to take me to the next level. I watch what I eat but wanted a more educated approach to my nutrition.
I met Dalia for my consultation and she asked me tons of questions and took copious notes. After that first meeting I was impressed with Dalia’s knowledge and hired her to help.I expected Dalia to make some suggestions, plan out a diet and I’d be on my way. Wow was I wrong. Dalia had fully researched every topic we had discussed, had a bunch of helpful literature and approached my case with a passion that was incredible. I didn’t just get a diet from Dalia but a complete holistic plan on each and every topic we discussed. Her attention to detail and compassion blew me away.

When I left my meeting with Dalia I felt empowered, educated and excited to begin trying her various suggestions. Very quickly I began feeling more energy and a sense of peace I had been seeking. I booked another appointment and we further explored techniques to help me realize my goals. Whether looking to lose weight, increase energy, get healthier or just learn about food I enthusiastically recommend Dalia. She will help you reach your goals and keep it fun and interesting.


I am saying – you are only as good as your coach is. In hopes of a mindful beauty change, I had the privilege to be referred to Dalia by a mutual friend. I was emotionally and physically in a bad place. I subscribed to every US and UK health, fitness and shape magazine there was, read them thoroughly and yet nothing seemed to come from flipping through pages into real sweaty actions. I had a gym membership, cycling membership, the park two blocks from my home door and yet with all these places, I could count on one hand the number of times they saw me checking-in last year. I tried a few nutritionists and other diet consultants in NYC the past two years. They all seem to care only about me following their menu religiously without taking the extra amazing step that Dalia did. Don’t get me wrong, we did speak about food. The right food, the wrong food, the portions of food and the making of food, but what Dalia mainly did was track down the psychological state of mind I was in when I was doing great, following a healthy eating week, and mainly when I wasn’t. She was able to analyze the very core reasons I brought myself down every time and by addressing them, knowing them and acknowledging them, only then that truth set me free. Having Dalia as my health coach was to know that she wanted me to succeed more than I think I wanted to. She is a fountain of ideas and her epiphany left me disheartened for the better part of the day after each meeting, but then feeling rejuvenated and empowered. Being able to stand on my own now and continue flourish with the tools she gave me, I feel something start to grow that hasn’t for a long time: Inspiration. And this is what she gave me.


Dalia and I met in late 2015 and I was very skeptical about hypnosis and imagery work. However, we talked it over and decided to start working together to see how I would feel and if anything might come of it. Fast forward to January 2016 and I am NO LONGER a skeptic. I CAN NOT deny the FACTS regarding how my professional life and personal life have improved for the better since starting to work together. I HIGHLY recommend talking, meeting and working with Dalia. I am incredibly pleased and happy that our paths had crossed.

Jeff S. NY NY

It has been a pleasure having Dalia as my nutritionist for the past 6 months. With Dalia’s technique, I lost over 10 lbs effortlessly while eating more nutritiously. I followed an eating plan along with some exercise that was tailored to fit my needs & lifestyle. Also, with Dalia’s delicious recipe’s, I am now eating more salads & vegetables and enjoying it!! If I ever got discouraged, Dalia was there to support me and get me back on track. She is very thorough, easily accessible in between sessions and she has a warm and friendly personality. With Dalia’s knowledge, advice, and support I believe I will stay slim and eat healthy for life.”


Dalia, I cant thank you enough for all the time and personal attention you have given me! You have single handedly changed the way I look at food. I am inspired by your “food tips”. I eat healthier, am satisfied, no longer need laxatives and have lost 7 pounds!” Please continue sending me more of those inspirational and practical tips—My kids are eating more vegetables and my husband loves his daily juice. (apple, celery, parsley, lemon!) Thank you and continue inspiring.


I have been eating much more. (especially veggees, fruit, whole grains) Feel like a pig sometimes but it has been only healthy food. And I am losing weight! Down to my college weight in fact. My energy is up and I try to get my wheatgrass shots in. Works like caffeine for me. I load up on the antioxidant heavy snacks too. gojiberries, dark chocolate, nuts. I can’t believe how good I feel. My dentist even noticed my gums were healthier. Try this it works!


I had a bit of an eating disorder a few years ago. As a result, it seems I speed eat and limit my diet to very few foods like tons of salad, ices, diet soda and some chicken. I was scared to try other foods for fear of gaining weight. I obsessed about calorie counting and “diet foods”. And I was always hungry it seemed. Dalia listened to my food/diet experiences and offered guidance and advice. She convinced me to test out for just a week a different approach to eating and of course a variety of foods I normally wouldn’t touch. She promised I wouldn’t gain weight. I listened to what she suggested. Her biggest point was that I listen to my own body for signals of fullness or hunger. I found myself eating satisfying healthy foods that kept me full. I wasn’t starving all the time. I was really surprised. I didn’t gain weight and I felt satisfied. I am still learning more about healthy food choices vs. processed foods. She doesn’t mind when I text her with questions. She is available to me and very interested in my success. I feel happier and healthier. The improvements were immediate. Highly recommend meeting with her.


Dalia helped me understand the emotional issues interfering with my long time goal for successful weight loss. Without her insights, I would still be in the dark getting no where. Or trying and failing again and again as I have done in the past. Once I realized why I was craving certain foods, the cravings became less powerful. I dealt with the underlying emotional issue (with Dalia’s help) and found the road to weight loss much easier. Meet with her!


Doing this program was life changing for me. I have done all different nutritional plans and diets thoughout the years and this was truly different in many ways. Dalia treated me like a whole person addressing my emotional issues and getting me in touch with what’s at the core of my triggers that have been pitfalls in the past. For the first time I was able to address the reasons for my overeating. The journaling was most helpful as well as the supportive follow up phone calls. This is health focused, long term life approach rather than a diet. I am very grateful for Dalia coming into my life.


Thank you very much for taking care of my daughter – Ricky. She talks very highly about you and I know you have been very instrumental in changing her eating habits. Even though I know that the process to the healthy eating and living takes time, every little thing counts. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!


Very powerful. I highly recommend. It is much more than hypnosis.