Mystery of Aroma

 Why is scent so connected to our emotions?
Smelling something can feel pleasurable or can trigger feelings of disgust. Have you ever been reminded of a childhood experience, a particular person or place through scent? These odor memories are long-lived. Designed to keep us safe, a scent memory can be triggered with just one sniff. It is primal and protective.
We determine through scent whether foods are spoiled or fresh, reminding us what to avoid and what to devour. We detect pheremones (chemical messengers) through scent and use them for social and sexual mating. Inhaling any aroma connects our inner and outer worlds.
Location matters too.
Our olfactory system is the only sense that has direct access into our brain’s limbic system – the part responsible for emotion and memory. This explains a lot. When odor molecules move up the nasal passageways, they trigger olfactory and nerve receptors that directly affect our limbic system. By design – scent, emotion and memory work together.
There is a deep mind/body connection that occurs when we inhale to perceive and fill ourselves with an aroma.
How can inhaling essential oils serve you?

Experience a plants’ essence with essential oils.

What is so special about essential oils?

The chemical make up of essential oils can stimulate our brain to release neurochemicals and hormones that affect our body as well as our emotions. The can alter mood, memory and behavior.

Used to create a relaxation response, essential oils can change our physical and emotional response to stress.

They can invite feelings of relaxation and calm, stimulate clear concentration and focus, even elicit feelings of happiness.There is potential to reduce feelings of anxiety and sadness, alter pain perception, support well-being and balance sleep patterns.

Inhaling essential oils aligns us with the intelligence derived from plants connecting us to the natural world.

Used for thousands of years, the Bible describes their use in ritual incense, as holy anointing oils, for ritual purification and to drive away evil spirits. They enhanced meditation, were used as medication for physical ailments and for cosmetic purposes.

How we perceive and respond to essential oils is highly individualized.

Which essential oil combination is right for you?

Do you want to use your essential oil synergy with an inhaler, a roll-on, a gel or mist spray?

cherry-blossomsFlowers.   Trees.   Resins.   Leaves.   Roots.   Seeds.   Fruit.

1. Which part of the plant created my essential oil?
2. Why does this matter?
3. What is the essence or spirit, the energetics of each part?
4. What is its job or how does it function in nature?
5. How can we apply this intelligence to enhance our essential oil synergy?

Let’s take a moment to analyze each category.

Flowers are colorful. They make us smile and feel good. We notice their beauty. They give. In nature they attract bees for pollination. (Fertility, Attraction) Essential oils steam distilled from flowers gift us with these energetic qualities; emotional nourishment, manifestation and beauty. They can ease anger, anxiety, burnout, resentment, frigidity, hopelessness, sadness, shyness, self-esteem and stress.

You notice their strength and potential for long life. (Endurance, Perseverance) Tress have direction as they grow upward. The trunk and branches conduct water and nutrients to the leaves, stems and flowers. They provide support. The essential oils derived from trees and wood can be useful in decision making, knowing which way to go, when to branch out if necessary. Branches move in the wind displaying both flexibility and stability. Essential oils steam distilled from trees gift us in these particular ways. (Internal Wisdom, Self-Esteem, Self-Reflection, Strength, Flexibility)


When you cut certain tree trunks, they release a sticky slow moving resin in order to heal the cut. Essential oils steam distilled from tree resins can be useful when we need to slow down from a hectic lifestyle or heal in a particular way. Given that resins flow inside the tree, the essential oils can be useful for introspection and for a meditation practice. Since the resin shifts from inside the tree to the outside, the essential oil benefits those overcoming shyness or assist with bringing out a particular truth from within.Taking this further, resins are released only through wounding the tree trunk. A resin based essential oil can be useful for someone healing an emotional wound. Resins are most abundant during the warm weather as the warmth helps them flow. Essential oils made from resins can feel emotionally warming. (Useful for Emotional Challenges, Spiritual Voids, Warding Off Negative Energy, Impatience and Forgiveness.)

Leaves take pure energy from the sun and turn it into food for the plant. (Nourishment, Digestion, Transformation) They breathe taking in CO2 and release oxygen. They are considered to be the lungs of a plant. An essential oil made from leaves may be helpful for someone trying to quit smoking in order to breathe better. This simple process of taking and releasing is natural for leaves. This quality can support someone working on boundary issues; knowing when to take something or someone in and when to release them. Leaves are flexible, moving in the wind as they protect the tree from water loss and harmful insects. (Flexibility, Protection, Immunity, Movement) Essential oils from leaves and needles inspire deep breathing which can enhance vitality and calm.

Roots are grounding, balancing and stabilizing. They nourish the plant or tree. (Digestion) Root based essential oils may help someone hoping to connect with their own roots or ancestors. Roots connect the inner and outer worlds. Their essential oils can support a desire and the ability to connect with what you want. They can stimulate your desire to connect with friends or loved ones. They give support going inward in meditation, being reflective, allowing ourselves to just be in the moment. They connect us to a feeling of security as we work through challenges or when we feel scattered, irritable or worried.

They represent new beginnings and the potential to manifest. Seed essential oils may stimulate creativity with ideas or physically with reproduction. Helpful for emotions associated with sexuality and feelings of frustration. Seeds lie dormant in Winter waiting for Spring to arrive for growth and development. This quality of patience can be accessed, the feelings of hope, removing cynicism and being in present moment consciousness are some of the gifts brought to us with the seed essential oils. Seed pods insure the seed has potential for life by protecting it.(Safety) Seeds are regenerative helping restore energy, confidence and health.

The gifts of reproduction. (Growth, Getting Results) Fruits protect their inner seeds. (Investing in the Future, Protection.) Fruits nourish and cleanse our system. They are attached to the the tree by their stems for nourishment.(Attachment Issues) They hang high and heavy above the ground. They are visually and aromatically uplifting. They grow and transform. Fruit based essential oils can lift us up helping us out of indecision or feelings of hopelessness, stuckness, grief and stress.