Meditation TNM


Learn How To Meditate So It’s Not Boring

TNM is a mindfulness meditation technique that helps you get you into a deep meditative state rather quickly. It avoids the struggle, frustration and boredom people usually experience when they try to meditate or when they are learning how to meditate.

Meditation is a form of self-care. It helps stabilize and elevate your mood as your mind shifts from busy thoughts to a focused, deeper state of inner quietness. You connect to a neutral place of observation within yourself. It can feel like a battery charge to a power source that is calm and stable.

The transformative power of meditation is not just reserved for those with experience meditating. A simple feeling of calm, connection and gratitude for life is possible every time you meditate.

Meditation Coaching Program 30-Day Plan

3 consecutive daily sessions

1 weekly session during the following 3 weeks

daily email check-in

(private, semi-private, corporate plans available)



“I have been meditating for over 13 years, have gone to many classes and worked with many teachers. And much to my surprise, I learned new things from this class that improve my practice. It’s quite good.”

“As a meditation teacher, I found the class to be quite deep and impressive.”

“I tried meditating with Oprah and Deepak online for two years already. It wasn’t until I took Dalia’s class that I experienced what meditation is really like. I went deep for the first time. I wasn’t bored or trapped in my thoughts.”

“Great class.”

I tremendously appreciate the meditation class and imagery work I have done with Dalia. When I am stressed or feel the need, I have drawn on the teaching to calm and relax me. I am grateful for Dalia’s genuine warmth and caring… I value her expertise and professionalism highly. She is a  great guide and healer and her heart is in helping others. Certainly, I encourage others to take the opportunity to learn about meditation with Dalia.

“Am glad I took this class. It helps with my insomnia. I practice right  before bedtime and I fall asleep more easily.”


Learn How to Meditate So It’s Not Boring

(private, semi -private coaching sessions available.)