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Forgiveness is a Gift

Forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves. It is an act of self love. Before forgiveness there is a wound that needs to be healed. The energy cleared. Because anger is holding something negative within.

There are times in life when circumstances present the perfect learning opportunity. Feeling anger and choosing to forgive is one of them. It can be challenging but ultimately freeing. When we forgive we feel a shift, a release of dense heaviness into a feeling of freedom and liberation.

Feeling lighter, we expand our capacity for love, compassion, and healing. It takes courage because sometimes we really don’t want to let it go. But anger eats up our life force. It leaves us with far less energy and vitality for the other people and areas of our life. It also affects our health.

Hostility is an inflammatory emotion and, as researchers have found, the number-one emotional risk factor for premature death from heart attacks and strokes. Hostility is also linked to autoimmune disorders. Emotions affect our health. The body and mind are inextricably connected. When we let go of toxic emotions, our body immediately begins to return to homeostasis, which is a state of self-healing and self-regulation.

We can forgive even if we refuse to tolerate someone’s behavior and no longer want that person to be part of our life. We can benefit from forgiving even if the person we forgive isn’t aware of our feelings or is even no longer alive. Sometimes we have to forgive someone many times before we finally let go of the emotional residue. We may need to forgive over and over again. Forgiving is not condoning. It’s common for people to resist forgiving another out of the belief that forgiveness in some way condones that person’s actions. It doesn’t.

Forgiveness is not an emotion. It is a decision. Once you decide to forgive, your emotions will eventually follow. When you truly forgive, your anger won’t get triggered anymore. Forgiveness has a wonderful way of permanently ending the suffering.

“As I walked out the door toward my freedom I knew that if I did not leave all the anger, hatred and bitterness behind, I would still be in prison.” Nelson Mandela

The Nechamah Method  (T.N.M.)  works with your physiological, cognitive and emotional systems to clear the residue of anger, creating space for forgiveness. Using energetic clearing, HHAN, imagery work, hypnosis and aromatherapy, the process of forgiveness becomes easier to do and more directly linked toward your own healing and self-love.