Celebs & Hypnosis


Eva Mendes used hypnotherapy to overcome arachnophobia. (Fear of spiders.)
Martha Stewart used hypnosis to overcome nightmares after being released from prison.
Kelly Rippa and Whoopi Goldberg used hypnosis to overcome a fear of flying.


Bruce Willis credits hypnosis with helping him overcome the stutter that plagued him in his younger years.
James Earl Jones the famous voice of Darth Vader (Star Wars) and Mufasa (Lion King) used hypnosis to overcome stuttering.


Katy Perry reportedly used hypnosis to help her get over her break up with John Meyer.


The band “Cold Play” used hypnosis and trance states when recording their albums.
Fergie,lead vocalist for the Black Eyed Peas, used hypnosis to relax for performances and to overcome her meth addiction.
Michael Jackson sought help with hypnosis to overcome musical mental blocks and to aid relaxation.
Amadeus Mozart was said to compose the famous opera “Cosi fan tutte” while hypnotized.


Lady Diana used hypnosis for public speaking and confidence.
Prince Harry used hypnosis to stop smoking.
Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, used hypnosis for weight loss, to quit smoking and to stop biting her nails.
Princess Kate Middleton was reported to have used hypnosis to improve her appetite during pregnancy and to manage morning sickness and nausea. It was also rumored she delivered her babies using hypno-birthing techniques.


Kim Kardashian has reportedly used a ‘hypno-band’ (hypnotic form of the gastric band) to aid weight loss when she was on a post-baby weight loss regime.
Celebrity foodie Nigella Lawson revealed that the secret behind her 13kg weight loss was hypnotherapy. She also learned self-hypnosis techniques for home use.
Popular singer Lily Allen said it was well worth it, paying $600 an hour for hypnosis and dropping down from a size 12 to a size 8.


Reese Witherspoon has used hypnosis to overcome her insecurities according to the Cambridge Times website.The 38-year-old actress said that years of being told she was too fat or short for Hollywood roles had taken their toll on her self esteem. She turned to hypnosis for a confidence boost before taking on the role of Cheryl Strayed in the film ‘Wild’.


Hypnosis has contributed to the success of many actors such as Sean Penn, Sean Connery, Robert De Niro and John Travolta.
Sylvester Stallone
used hypnosis to write the script for “Rocky” and to keep his courage up (after 900 rejections). He finally got the “Rocky” script submitted to a major Hollywood producer. It went on to gross over $117.000,000.00.
Kevin Costner flew his personal hypnotist to Hawaii to cure his sea sickness during the making of the film “Waterworld”.


It was reported Kate Moss used hypnosis to help quit cigarettes to prepare for pregnancy.
Ashton Kutcher quit smoking with the help of hypnosis.
Ben Affleck smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years until impending fatherhood prompted him to quit. He used the hypnosis recommended by his friend Matt Damon.
Charlise Theron and Ellen DeGeneres also quit smoking with the help of hypnosis.
Matt Damon quit smoking using hypnosis after filming ‘Ocean’s Twelve’. He said afterwards: “It’s amazing I didn’t even want cigarettes any more,” and told Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, “I should have done it years ago. Using hypnosis was one of the greatest decisions of my life!”
Aaron Eckhart credits self-hypnosis with helping him give up smoking and alcohol.


Sir Winston Churchill used post-hypnotic suggestions in order to stay awake all night and avoid tiredness during World War II.
Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis used hypnosis to help her with the tragic events in her life.


The LA Lakers, including teammates Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, used hypnosis for sports performance in basketball. Their team went on to win three NBA championships.
Tiger Woods gained a mental edge for golf using hypnosis. His mental coach hypnotized him to block out distractions and focus on the golf course.
Jack Niklaus lauded hypnotherapy and visualization techniques as the sole reason for his improved concentration on the golf course.
Players from the New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers and athletes such as former baseball player Rod Carew of the Minnesota Twins used hypnosis to improve their performance and manage pain and injury.
Coach Phil Jackson used hypnosis with his basketball teams.


Albert Einstein was known to have hypnosis sessions every afternoon. His theory of relativity came to him during one of those sessions. He also used trance states to develop his ideas.
Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb, realized his most ingenious inventions during the lucid and creative state of hypnosis while in his lab.