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Body Consciousness and Weight Loss

What would your excess weight say if you were able to interview your body? Would it say,“Stop criticizing.” “I feel sad.” “Feed me.” “Leave me alone.” “I am in charge.” “Help me.”? It would be specific and different for each person.

Losing weight isn’t always just about healthy eating and exercise. Sometimes certain beliefs, emotions, even the residue of an experience can interfere with weight loss. The influence of family, friends and coworkers, the images from magazines, movies, TV and social media also play a role. If they trigger frustration, unhappiness or insecurity about your body’s weight, size or shape can weight loss be harder to accomplish?

Your body is alert, always sensing and reacting to its environment. It works like a receiver or a radio antenna sensing the energy of its environment and relaying the information to your brain. Insults, slights, unhappiness or your own judgments about your weight can flood your system with stress. Stress increases the cortisol levels in your body which can block weight loss and even trigger weight gain. It becomes a catch-22.

Your body needs to feel calm and safe in order to create a physical change like weight loss. The more you criticize and judge yourself the worse it gets. It’s like working for a critical boss who dislikes you. It becomes difficult to work properly, to listen or thrive.

Perhaps your body has primal reasons for holding on to excess weight that are more powerful than your desire to be thin. Primal needs are taken seriously by the body. They can interfere with and undermine every weight loss plan out there. Why is your body holding on to excess weight? And how can you help your body lose the weight you want it to lose?

Weight loss is an inside job. Your body’s inner programs matter. If they are filled with doubt, expect difficulty or identify with past failures, weight loss becomes more challenging and weight gain afterwards more likely. The operating consciousness your body runs is a powerful director. It is similar to those mega-million dollar lottery winners who find themselves poor again after only a few years. Their operating consciousness was not prepared for sudden riches. Unfortunately, with the old programs running their newly found fortunes just slipped through their fingers.

The Nechamah Method works with your physiological, cognitive and emotional systems going deep to discover and clear the programs your body runs that keep excess weight on while creating new ones that support you and your goals. Communicating with your body using imagery work, HHAN healing touch, hypnosis, personalized audio recordings and aromatherapy make losing weight easier and less turbulent. Caring for your body becomes a priority, even a pleasure.

The biblical Hebrew word nechamah means comfort, soothe, console. Anyone who has struggled with their weight, size or shape will understand their body’s need for comfort around this issue. When feelings of worthiness and self-love increase, your body language and behavior change almost immediately. Feeling calmer and more powerful, you will never think of your body and weight in the same way again.

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