T.N.M. for Actors


Actors transform physically, mentally and emotionally for a role. It is part of what makes them so compelling to watch. The character they create feels real to the audience, the camera, it even feels real to the actor’s physical body.

Tears flow in sad moments and fear and anger get expressed with an adrenaline rush. And blood rises to the face whether in anger, shame or shyness. Joy and pleasure are expressed physically too. Their body goes along for the ride expressing, communicating and embodying the character. Once a performance ends, their body releases from the experience and the actor returns to his or her real life.

But what happens when an actor finishes a performance and the feeling or energy of the character still remains? Sometimes the residue of a role can feel stuck. This can affect every area of an actor’s life including relationships, work, bodily functions and stress levels.

What can an actor do to release from the residue of a role?

T.N.M. facilitates communication with the body. Emotions, the residue of an experience or even the memory of one, anything that feels stuck and stored energetically has the opportunity to be released.

T.N.M. goes deep working with the physiological, cognitive and emotional systems. It uses imagery work, HHAN, energetic clearing, hypnosis and sound healing to restore a sense of freedom,  like pressing a “reset button.”

It was Cuba Gooding Jr. who said while being interviewed on The Hollywood Reporter, “It took me a month and a half to shake O.J. Simpson from my psyche. It was the darkest role I’d ever done.”



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